A Word from the Chairman

pdgDear partners, our customers,

Welcome to the website of Groupelda CBM Voyages, a travel and tourism agency that operates in Benin since 1993.
An increasing number of customers are bestowing their trust to us beyond the borders of Benin, and we are proud to share our values with you: listening to the customers and providing quality services.

First ISO 9001/2008 certified travel and tourism agency in Sub-Saharan Africa, Groupelda CBM Voyages pursues excellence through:
- The quality of its management,
- The quality of its commitment,
- The quality of its services,
- The quality of its relationships with its partners.

Our group's international reach increases every day and offers strong potentials, as evidenced by the launch of new branches:
- In TOGO, CBM Voyage LOMÉ
- In Côte d'Ivoire, CBM Voyages CI (city) and an office at ADB
- In Nigeria, CBM Voyages ABUJA (office at ECOWAS)

Our approach - from performance to excellence - guarantees our commitment to satisfy your needs in the fields of travels and tourism.

Let's go together towards new destination, with a culture of excellence.



 Jean-Jacques HOUNDJAGO

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