Our Team

equipe cbm voyageOur team, 80% of which are women, is highly qualified in business and leisure tourism. We will bring you our expertise and our recommendations when looking for the optimal prices and itinerarie for your travelling needs.
In addition to our agency representatives, we also offer 424/7 phone assistance. And we are committed to always listen to you, before and after your trip, since our goal is your satisfaction.

Sharing quality

We implemented a quality management system that adheres to the ISO 9001/2008 specifications in order to improve our processes and to better leverage our human resources. Such internal system constitutes a continuous improvement tool that results in a stronger commitment of our agents to the goals of the group, in a better satisfaction of the needs of our customers, and in a strengthening relationship with airlines and tourism companies worldwide which are subjecting themselves to the same quality requirements as us.
The management is made of experts with over 30 years of experience in air transport and tourism.
We also developed an internal training program with the purpose of optimising the individual and group skills and having every employee ready for the evolutions of the market. Taking into account the working conditions is also one of our major strategic focuses.

Our values

Trust and listening
Responsiveness and efficiency

Our goals

The customer satisfaction
The provision of services and quality services, in accordance with the expectations of our customers and our partners
Continuous improvement of our practices